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A Chaplain performs the functions of healing, sustaining, reconciling, and guiding the persons in his or her area of service. The Organization advocates complete religious freedom.


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The Organization of Nigeria Chaplains is a body of professionals from all works of life united as one body for the purpose of protecting our individual, collective and cooperate interest as related to chaplaincy.


Being loyally committed and dutifully dedicated to the promotion of selfless service to humanity.

Chaplain is globally recognized. The duties of Chaplains are valued internationally, just as young men with raw strength are recruiting into the marine, that is how it is with chaplain all over the world.

In a time like this when earthquake rate and other natural disasters is increasing tremendously, the ministry of chaplains is seriously needed, as pastors and specialized counselors.

Atimes they are faced with terrible sickness. In such situations a chaplain comes with the miraculous power of God to give them hope. This he does by exercising the gifts of healing and miracle. Such hopeless people are healed and given fresh hope by the presence of the miraculous. Just as miracles aid the spread of the Gospel, likewise it facilitates the spread of chaplaincy as a ministry. Miracles can break barriers for a chaplain. We must not only concentrate on the physical, the spiritual must be there to be a balance Chaplain.

To enhance uniformity in chaplaincy, chaplain training, duties and whatsoever the case may be concerning chaplaincy in Nigeria without prejudice to safeguard the interest of its members while carrying out their duties as chaplains in a lawful manner.


To maintain or build a bridge of relationship between government agencies, and the society at large for the purpose of providing human capacity development and promoting unity, progress, cooperation and mutual understanding amongst religions and religious leaders.

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